Popular sex toys for transexuals


Sex toys for heterosexual men and women are common. In fact, as common as dairy products. Many women keep their vibrators close by, in their purse, because they never know when the urge will appear. But not only heterosexual people feel the need to use sex toys. There is a significant population of transsexual people who also have the need and the desire to play from time to time. We picked the most popular items reserved for transexuals, so keep reading if this is your cup of tea!


These items, usually connected with gay men, have a growing popularity with trans women. And the reason is simple: they produce the same effect. They help to keep the nerves calm and put you in the perfect mood.

The Magic Wand

This little contraption is a dream. It is perfect for stimulation of trans women because it produces just the right vibration. We also want to point out that you might want to use a towel when you use this device to prevent chaffing.

Cock Rings

These babies are a must. A good cock ring will keep you in the right mood all night. Great for stimulation at just the right place, it fits perfectly over the base of a penis. Without any constraints, you and your partner will certainly enjoy a good cock ring.


These vibrators for couples create wonderful moments. They are easy to position, they come with so many modes of vibration, they recharge with a USB connection, they are splash proof, and they are so small that you can use so many other sex toys simultaneously! What more is there to say!

Pfun Plugs

If you happen to be a prostate connoisseur, we highly recommend this product. Specially designed for trans women, this will treat your prostate in all the right places.

Bondage Tapes

Last, but not least, an item we just cannot avoid. Good old bondage tape for all those happy S&M moments together. They make them so safe and easy to use today that you will forget about chains, hand cuffs and ropes in an instant. For a kinky time, go bondage time!